Smart Rupee Advisor

ARS Solutions is also providing Financial Planning services as SRA (Smart Rupee Advisor). We are Advising Mutual fund Investments, Insurance’s Policies, Fixed Deposits and Non-Convertible Debentures.

"To enable every Investor to have a well planned financial future"

A Finance planner is competent and worthy of trust and will act in the client's interests rather than being primarily interested in selling the client financial products for his own benefit. A financial planner specializes in the planning aspects of finance, in particular, personal finance, as contrasted with a stockbroker who is generally concerned with the investments, or with a life insurance intermediary who advises on risk products.

Financial planning is a multi-step process and involves considering the client's situation from all relevant angles to produce integrated solutions. The following six-step financial planning process has been adopted by ARS Solutions for financial planning as a Smart Rupee Advisor:

Step 1

Setting goals with the client this step (that is usually performed in conjunction with Step 2) is meant to identify where the client wants to go in terms of his finances and life.

Step 2

Gathering relevant information on the client this would include the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the client's financial and relevant non-financial situation.

Step 3

Analysing the information the information gathered is analysed so that the client's situation is properly understood. This includes determining whether there are sufficient resources to reach the client's goals and what those resources are.

Step 4

Constructing a financial plan Based on the understanding of what the client wants in the future and his current financial status, a roadmap to the client goals is drawn to facilitate the achievements of those goals.

Step 5

Implementing the strategies in the plan Guided by the financial plan, the strategies outlined in the plan are implemented using the resources allocated for the purpose.

Step 6

Monitoring implementation and reviewing the plan the implementation process is closely monitored to ensure it stays in alignment to the client's goals. Periodic reviews are undertaken to check for misalignment and changes in the client's situation. If there is any significant change to the client's situation, the strategies and goals in the financial plan are revised accordingly.


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