Return Filing

ARS Return Filing

Tax return filing in not only a liabilities but when you file your tax returns every year, you manage to create your financial record with the tax department. Benefits of filing tax return is that you can claim a refund of excess tax and This financial / tax history is positively viewed and favourably used by most agencies with whom you may need to interact, such as when you avail any kind of loan (home, personal, vehicle loan, etc.), when you apply for VISA.

ARS Provides Following Tax Return Filling Services

  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • GST

ARS Solutions always recommend & prefer Online Tax Return filing (e-filing)

  • Fast procesing
  • More Accurate
  • No Time Place Constraint
  • More Secure than paper Based Filling
  • You Can Easy acess & use your Data for Future
  • It is good for the Enviroment

Why Income Tax Return Filing with ARS Solutions

  • Return filing by Authorized and Certified Tax Return Preparer of Income Tax Department of India.
  • Personalised Tax Saving Consultancy
  • Let all your tax related worries fly
  • Timely reminder and notification
  • As we are authorized by Income tax department of India, we have some Duties, Liabilities and Responsibilities so you can trust upon us that your data and information will be secured and we are always in your touch and reach.


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